Cambury Tour


CAMBURY BEACH (6h)- 10h-16h


 If you’re looking for peace in the middle of Paradise Cambury is your destiny!

In an exclusive Jango Tour excursion, we’ll pass by the “caminho das águas” or “water paths”.
These are 4 beautiful waterfalls and wells that run into the Cambury Beach, a real natural wonder!

Our adventure will take us in the middle of the Atlantic rainforest known as Mata Atlântica over the River Cambury, from where we’ll begin our hike towards the beach. We’ll follow the course of the river, visiting three beautiful waterfalls with natural pools! This hike will take us through a Quilombo Community, mangroves and reefs, which will allow us to get to know the local culture and history a little better.

Where the river meets the sea we’ll arrive at the breathtaking Cambury Beach, where we’ll spend a few relaxing hours and have a typical caiçara lunch! During the day some kayaks will be at your disposal that can be used on the river as well as the sea.

Cambury Beach is located inside the State Park Serra do Mar and the National Park Serra da Bocaina! It preserves an authentic and wild caiçara landscape!

tres pocos


·         Waterfall of Três Poços (Three Wells)

·         Quilombo

·         Cambury Beach

·         Kayak tour

·         Typical Caiçara Lunch

·         Waterfall da Escada



– Bring insect repellent, towels and sun-blocker.